100% Community Series
& Dental

How we ensure all county residents can access medical and dental care.

Our book explores the impact of health disparities, including lack of affordable and accessible medical and dental care, and how county systems of care can be increased to ensure access for children, families and all community members. Medical and Dental Care@100% details how county leaders can collaborate to ensure that a countywide system of medical and dental care is created from existing and new public and private care programs to meet the needs of all county residents. Medical and Dental Care@100%, built around excerpts from the groundbreaking 100% Community: Ensuring 10 Vital Services for Surviving and Thriving, inspires in times both calm and chaotic, through public health crises and economic disruptions.


  • Continuous Quality Improvement Guides Us with Data
  • Sharing the Vision to Achieve Collective Impact 
  • Medical and Dental Care@100%
  • The 100% Community Survey
  • Engaging with Elected Lawmakers
  • 100% Community-County Program Org Chart
  • 100% Community-Partnerships
  • 100% Community Initiative-Logic Model
  • 100% Community-Timeline
  • Crisis-proof County Readiness Checklist

The 100% Community book series promotes a groundbreaking model for public-private sector partnerships to achieve measurable and meaningful results.


Katherine Ortega Courtney, PhD and Dominic Cappello are advocates for turning crisis into opportunities for improving systems, solving challenges using data, technology and collaboration. They know why systems that should protect us, can fail us — and teach leadership development and data-driven problem-solving. Dr. Courtney’s expertise in data analysis, continuous quality improvement, collective impact and experimental psychology guides communities and organizations through turbulent and timely change. Cappello is a health systems strategist and New York Times bestseller author, whose Ten Talks book series on family safety reached a national audience when his innovative work was featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

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“For all of us who believe that we can make everyone’s health, safety, resilience and readiness for a crisis a priority, this book shows the way.”

—Senator Bill Soules, New Mexico State Senator

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How to ensure five services in your community for surviving

How to ensure five services in your community for thriving


“For all of us who believe that we can make everyone’s health, safety, resilience and readiness for a crisis a priority, this book shows the way.”
—Senator Bill Soules, New Mexico State Senator

“The 100% Community initiative guides us as we embrace the opportunity to design the new systems of care and safety we urgently need.”
—Matt Probst, Medical Director, PA-C, El Centro Family Health, NM and 100% Community initiative director

“Problems and shortcomings in a society need to be identified, evaluated, and resolved using data and evidence-based methods. Unfortunately, all too often communities leave too many constituents behind as a result of poor community leadership, who tend to be driven by their own personal interest, false heuristics, and cognitive biases, instead of facts, data, and evidence-based research. 100% community does a great job of outlining a roadmap for communities to work better at serving all within the community, especially those who are the weakest and most vulnerable… children.”
—Shawn Waked, MS, CFP™ – Santa Fe

“Dr. Katherine Ortega Courtney and Dominic Cappello have not only clearly illustrated the need for a united front of services for our communities, but have now provided a road map for exactly how we can move from crisis to cohesion. The framework provided in this book makes it the most timely (and critical) book release of 2020 to date. If I could wave a magic wand and place it in the hands of every community leader — I would do it in a heartbeat. These two have once again provided the instruction manual. It is up to each of us to turn it into ACTION!”
—Erica Wade, Director, The Center, Owensboro, KY

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